Angelique Peterson-Mayberry


  • Board President
    Detroit Public Schools Community District

    Most people would say that activism is just in her blood! A native Detroiter born and raised in a place she still loves to call home, Angelique found herself involved in social justice movements from a young girl by attending protest rallies, marches and union meetings with her mom Sylvia, it was just a normal way of life in her house.

    As a 3rd generation United Auto Worker, the value and importance of unions were instilled at a very early age, and fighting and speaking up for them whenever she could become like the air she breathed. The moment the sign of inequality and injustice reared its ugly head, Angelique was present as a foot soldier to offer support and voice her viewpoint. Whether at an establishment of a power abusive business owner; demonstrating in the streets of Lansing against unjust bills; fighting for safer living conditions and educational environments; or encouraging people to get out to vote for a better future, Angelique is happy to be present to influence social change.

    A proud product of the Detroit Public School System, Angelique continued her education at Paine College in Augusta, GA before returning home to receive her BA in Marketing from Detroit College of Business. Although motherhood consumed majority of her time, she managed to pursue all necessary coursework for a graduate degree in Acquisition from Central Michigan while continuing her fight for justice.

    When one wonders where they can find Angelique, the list can be long. She can be found in her current position implementing and directing much-needed community initiatives as Coordinator of Community Relations for The UAW Ford Department with labor leader Jimmy Settles, or she may be found rallying for social justice movements as an activist with The Detroit Branch NAACP, or she may be found fellowshipping and serving in numerous ministries at Fellowship Chapel under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, or she may even be found attending parent community involvement meetings for her two children. If one still can’t find her, she may simply be enjoying what she does in her leisure time which includes cheering in the stands as the #1 fan for her volleyball daughter (Brooklyn) or basketball son (Jorden), or merely having a nice dinner for two with her loving and supportive husband and best friend Chris. No matter where she is, Angelique takes pride in being wherever she’s needed and praying that others are left in a better place somehow when she’s gone!