• It’s no secret that Detroit’s kids have been making, changing, and shaping history for generations, overcoming adversity and propelling our community forward in pursuit of big dreams.

    Our public school hallways have been walked by the innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and activists that have reimagined not only our city, but our world.

    The Detroit Public Schools Foundation (DPSF) partners with the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) to inspire excellence in our children by removing barriers to entry, forging new career pathways, expanding extracurricular and enrichment opportunities, and providing equitable support to each of Detroit’s students.

  • DPSCD alumni Tanya Brown and Kayla Young have recently benefited from DPSF’s investment
    in their future, and we’re delighted to share their stories.

  • Tanya and Kayla are just two of the brilliant young minds that we have helped to activate amongst the many innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, and change agents walking DPSCD’s halls. These inspiring students are poised to help us solve some of our community’s biggest challenges. Your generosity today can help us as we reimagine what an education in Detroit’s public schools looks like. 

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  • Together, we can help all of our kids rise!

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