Beyond the Classroom

  • The support and opportunities that lead to success in the classroom also depend on success outside of the classroom. Parent engagement, support from community leaders and professional development for teachers and staff are integral for providing a safe, nurturing learning environment.

  • Safe Routes to School

    All children deserve to be safe on their way to and from school. Thanks to support from the Michigan Fitness Foundation, students in 15 schools across the district are able to walk and bike to school safely — and they are encouraged to do it to have fun and get exercise.

  • New Leaders Program

    With the right training, mentorship and guidance, teachers can find pathways to leadership positions within the district. The New Leaders Program, supported by the Detroit Children’s Fund, has prepared hundreds of teachers for principal and assistant principal positions.

  • Basic Needs

    Some families in the district need support and resources to make ends meet and manage the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for children. Through the support of the FCA US LLC, the Children’s Foundation and other donors, students and families receive uniform and gift cards for items such as food, healthcare, hygiene products, burial services and transportation.

  • Grants

  • $225
    Cass Technical High School

    Reading Varsity Boys Basketball Support

  • $11,000
    Chrysler Elementary

    Family Support & Teacher Lounge Improvements

  • $4,500
    Davis Aerospace Technical High School at Golightly

    The Brotherhood

  • $245
    Detroit Children’s Museum

    Program Support

  • $2,000
    Detroit International Academy for Young Women

    HerStory Washington D.C. Trip

  • $35,500
    Detroit Lions Academy

    Scholarships & Cooking Competition Awards

  • $444
    Dossin Elementary School

    Transportation to Martin Luther King Jr Day Event

  • $875

    Jump$tart Conference 2019

  • $1,675

    Transportation to Literacy Hearing

  • $127,273

    Implementation of New Leaders Programming

  • $1,605
    DPSCD – Communications Department

    Connected Futures Marketing

  • $225
    DPSCD – Government & Community Affairs

    Community Engagement

  • $92,273
    DPSCD – Office of Curriculum & Instruction

    Professional Development Day 2019 @ TCF Center

  • $2,100
    DPSCD – Office of Curriculum & Instruction

    Election Simulation & Rally

  • $191,000
    DPSCD – Office of Curriculum & Instruction

    Model School Project & EL Conference

  • $30,777
    DPSCD – Office of Family and Community Engagement

    Basic Needs Support (Covid-19)

  • $15,000
    DPSCD – Office of Operations

    DPSCD Security at Food Distribution Sites

  • $171,848
    DPSCD – Office of School Nutrition


  • $6,065
    DPSCD – Office of School Nutrition

    Detroit School Garden Collaborative at Mackenzie

  • $3,420
    DPSCD – Office of Strategy

    Relocation Expenses for Deputy Executive Director New Hire

  • $15,657
    DPSCD – Police Department

    Safe Routes to School (2 Schools)

  • $10,450
    DPSCD – Police Department

    Safe Routes to School (3 Schools)

  • $1,992
    Fisher Magnet Upper Academy

    Student Uniforms

  • $225
    Henry Ford High School

    Varsity Boys Basketball Support

  • $863
    Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School @ Howe

    Field Trip to “A Christmas Carol”

  • $1,785
    Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School @ Howe

    Field Trip to “Harriet” the movie

  • $225
    Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School

    Varsity Boys Basketball Support

  • $8,710
    Moses Field Center

    Adaptable Tricycles

  • $14,750
    Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy

    National Day of Racial Healing 2020 Event

  • $5,000
    Pewabic Society, Inc.

    Pewabic Street Team Clay Workshop series for DPSCD students

  • $5,475
    Schulze Academy for Technology & Arts


  • $42,113
    The School at Marygrove

    Professional Development

  • $138,273
    The School at Marygrove

    Marygrove P-20 Project Management and School Launch Support

  • $950
    The School at Marygrove

    Student Uniforms

  • $2,438
    Turning Point Academy

    Student Uniforms