• Detroit College Promise Scholarships

    The Detroit College Promise (DCP) scholarship, founded by Dr. Nat Pernick in 2008, in honor of his parents who were Detroit Public Schools alumni, was created to support Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) graduating seniors. In 2015, Dr. Pernick, then a Board Member of Detroit Public Schools Foundation, transferred the management of the DCP to the DPS Foundation. This one-time lump sum scholarship, requires attendance at a DPSCD high school for 4-years, a minimum 2.5 earned GPA, and matriculation to a State of Michigan-based higher educational institution. The DCP may be used towards tuition, books, housing, meal plans or technology essentials.

  • Detroit Chapter 9 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., Scholarships

    Detroit Chapter #9 of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (VVA9) has been a beacon for Vietnam veterans in the Detroit Metropolitan area. While focused on Vietnam veterans and their needs, the Chapter also supports and advocates on issues important to all veterans and continually looks for ways to contribute to the local community. Organizers for Chapter 9 trace the group’s history to 1971 and Wayne State University, where many veterans were attending school under the GI Bill. They have four scholarships available, which are listed below.

    1. Jr. ROTC Scholarship (Two Scholarships)

    High School Junior ROTC programs are important, in part, for the discipline and leadership skills that are taught to all cadets. Discipline and leadership skills are qualities that will always be in demand regardless of one’s chosen career path. We need more leaders. VVA9 is pleased to assist the outstanding graduating cadet in furthering their education. One scholarship for $2,500 will be awarded.

    2. Unsung Graduate Scholarships (Two Scholarships) 

    Many of VVA9’s members would not have qualified for a college scholarship based upon their academic performance in high school. Yet, following their discharge from active duty, these same members became successful in their careers. We understand that there can be many challenges that can impact one’s high school record of achievement. We want to recognize those individuals, the Unsung Graduates, who have confronted their own challenges, and provide them with assistance as they pursue their post-secondary education. Two scholarships for $2,500 each will be awarded.

    George Curby Newman Memorial Scholarships

    The George Curby Newman Scholarship, a funds to support DPSCD graduates, awards a scholarship to 1-male and 1-female graduating DPSCD senior varsity athlete who are matriculating into higher education. In his honor, his family established the George Curby Newman Scholarship to celebrate his legacy of professionalism, extreme expertise in his field, stewardship and love for the District. Mr. Newman was a DPSCD physical education teacher and coach, eventually becoming the Athletic Director at Southeastern High School. Over his career, he coached and officiated Detroit Public School League (PSL) football, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, golf, tennis and swimming.

    Willie McAllister, Jr., Scholarship

    Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) seniors are welcome to apply for one of four (4), Willie McAllister, Jr., Fine Arts and Education scholarships, which are $2,500 each. This scholarship, endowed by ABC Student Transportation, honors Mr. McAllister’s 40+ year tenure within the Detroit Public Schools.

    Samuel and Margaret Crawford Scholarship Fund

    The Samuel & Margaret Crawford Scholarship Fund is an annual scholarship that rewards students of Detroit Public Schools who have exhibited academic promise, tenacity, and self-efficacy. Samuel K. Crawford, Sr., and Margaret Crawford, both proud graduates of Detroit Public Schools, are advocates of higher education and achievement amongst young people, particularly those who have overcome challenging circumstances. During her life, Margaret Crawford founded The Council for Black Student Achievement, a non-profit organization that offered tutoring services and scholarships for students who were struggling academically and in need of extra support, advocacy, and assistance with college expenses.

    William Laroy Esters Scholarship Fund

    William loved the game of football. Bearing the #32 jersey, William played varsity football for the Northwestern Colts during his high school years. After graduating in 1965, William was recruited to play football at the University of Kansas. He was the first in his family to attend college. The William Laroy Esters Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a scholar-athlete at Detroit Collegiate Preparatory at Northwestern High School who demonstrates strong athletic ability and scholarship.


    Roy and Maureen Roberts Scholarship

    The Roy and Maureen Roberts Scholarship awards one Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) graduating senior, with an overall minimum 3.0 GPA, a $1,500 scholarship, who has been accepted to an accredited 4-year higher educational institution. The student must be enrolled at the college or university full-time to receive the funds. The scholarship is potentially renewable a maximum of 4-additional years, once the DPS Foundation verifies the student is in good academic standing. The Roy and Maureen Roberts scholarship may be used towards tuition, fees, books and housing. 


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